How to Unlock bootloader in Xiaomi Phone (Mi Phone)

Unlock bootloader

About bootloader:

Bootloader is a piece of code that runs before any operating system is running.
Bootloader are used to boot other operating systems, usually each operating system has a set of bootloaders specific for it.
Bootloaders usually contain several ways to boot the OS kernel and also contain commands for debugging and/or modifying the kernel environment.
In this talk we will concentrate on Linux bootloaders.
Since it is usually the first software to run after powerup or reset, it is highly processor and board specific.

Before We start please keep in your mind, unlocking bootloader will effect following things:

  • You will lose all media and content on your device. You might have to install all the application again.
  • You may lose encryption support.
  • If anything went wrong, you could cause permanent/physical damage to your device.
  • You might hard or soft brick your device

Note: Anything happens to your device, we are not responsible for it. Please follow all steps carefully

Steps to Unlock the bootloader:


Step 1: You have to logon at mi official unlock page. Click here

click on unlock and sign in, once you sign in download the tool.

Mi Account Sign in

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the tool, click on miflash_unlock.exe

Mi flash unlock

and sign in with the same account which you have used in your device.

Step 3: Connect your phone to PC using USB cable in fastboot mode, to enter fastboot hold the volume down and power button together.

How to enter the fastboot

Step 4: Click on unlock, if it gives you any error or ask you to wait for XXX hours. then you have to wait and try after that time.

Unable to unlock

Note: Make sure you take the backup of your phone before you click on unlock.

After all the steps completed your device will restart and bootloader will be unlock now.

Unloacked the phone


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